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Fluid Resistant Temporary Floor Surface Protection Paper For Construction Projects

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Guangdong China
Brand Name: BTO Brand
Certification: FSC, SGS, EU
Model Number: BTO-05038100
Minimum Order Quantity: A4 size free sample
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: Item Quantity 1pc with Streching film package
Delivery Time: 4-6weeks
Payment Terms: 30% Deposit in Advance
Supply Ability: 10000 rolls per day
Product Name: Temporary Floor Surface Protection Paper Purpose: Prevent Damage To The Construction Floor
Material: Recycled Pulp And Wood Pulp Usage: Construction Floor Protection And Coverage
Advantage: Waterproof And Breathable Material, Recyclable And Biodegradable Weight: 15kg
Specifications: Width 965mm *Length 30.48m Package: Film Packaging
High Light:

Fluid Resistant Surface Protection Paper


Construction Project Surface Protection Paper


Temporary Floor Protection Roll 965mm

 Fluid Resistant Temporary Floor Surface Protection Paper For Construction Projects


Before the completion of the construction or decoration project, use temporary protective floor coverings to protect the new floor from damage, pollution, and spillage. Soft and hard floor protectors are also very useful in home DIY projects, protecting newly laid floors from falling, scratching, and scratching, as well as avoiding the additional costs of cleaning, repairing, or replacing.


If you do not use temporary floor protection materials, you may face the risk of additional costs for replacement or cleaning, which are caused by damage during the construction process, let alone damage to reputation. However, using one of our many products to protect the floor can avoid all of this.


Floor protection paper is a green, environmentally friendly, and heavy-duty temporary floor protection paper used to protect any type of surface. Also known as Ram board, layout board, fiberboard, fiberboard, construction board, protective board, etc.


Floor protection is essential during construction, but it is not always easy to understand the best choice for your situation.



Product overview


BTO floor protection paper is a kind of heavy construction paper. It provides temporary floor protection against water spills, paint splashes, scratches and foot traffic. It is thicker than ordinary construction kraft paper and Korean pine paper, but it has good air permeability and can continue to solidify the floor.


This floor paper is hard and heavy enough to provide excellent protection for the floor and surface. 38 inches. X 100 foot drum. Excellent floor protection. More durable than Kraft construction paper.


This heavy-duty floor paper provides excellent protection for all types of floors and surfaces, including hardwood floors, stairs, cabinets and even countertops. It has good durability to protect your floor from the most lasting wear and reduce the loss of replacement at work. The plate with thickness of 1mm is the preferred temporary floor protection solution for the needs of construction specialty!






• Heavy duty waterproof temporary floor protection

• Prevent water stop, mud, paint and other pollution

• Maximum air permeability allows steam to escape

• Strong enough to drive

• Easy installation - fast and flat laying

• Eco friendly

• 100% Recyclable

• Can be rolled up and reused

• At least 80% of post consumer materials




Product parameters
*Raw material
100% Recycled waste paper
Temporary Floor Protection Paper
Environmental Protection, Recyclable, Waterproof, Non-slip
*Bags Hardness
*Specification information
W 820mm*L30.48m ; W820mm*L 36.6m;W965mm*L30.48m
0.5mm ; 1.0mm


Create access to job location-

It is important to remember the path that needs to be taken to obtain areas within families that are being transformed. Usually, saws or other equipment will be outside, and the installer needs to walk back and forth at home many times before setting up from the tool to the installation area. In this case, it may be difficult or even impossible for workers to safely take off and put on shoes again and again. In this case, proper floor protection for the path they will take can create an obstacle to help protect the existing floor.

Cover new surfaces as work progresses-

During the renovation, a new floor is installed, and the work is still in progress. It is important to cover it to ensure that it has the best changes to avoid damage, while the renovation project is being completed.

When you want to make cleaning easier-

In almost all cases, building floor protection can help ensure easier cleaning! It can be used as a barrier to capture debris and even overflow.

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Fluid Resistant Temporary Floor Surface Protection Paper For Construction Projects 1
 Fluid Resistant Temporary Floor Surface Protection Paper For Construction Projects 2

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