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Production Line

BTO have the paper making production capability from paper mill to rewinding, cutting, and printing process, we can do customized logo printing and colored paper according to your request!!!

With advanced production equipment and standardized production process, we provide stable quality and efficient delivery service, and have a long term width of 600mm-1600mm drum special gauge size for you to specify, effectively reduce your loss, improve product competitiveness....

Dongguan Bto Environmental Protection Material Co., Ltd. factory production line 0


Expertise, resources and technologies for a higher level of package performance


OEM/ODM Service

• Different Colors and Different Size & Specification for Paper Rolls/Sheets/Packing Materials.

• Customized Logo to promote your brand.

• Custom Design 

• Ecommerce Paper Packaging Solutions 

• Graphic Services

• Life Cycle Assessment

• Manufacturing Capabilities

• Material Development & Support Services


Q: How we work?

A: We work with you ti tailor your solution





Our solution will involve cost, technical and marketing considerations to find the best fit for your needs.


Dongguan BTO Environmental Protection Materials Co., Ltd. is positioned in the development and application of new type cardboard and special packaging materials.Based on the concept of environmental recycling, we keep close contact with the market demand and constantly bring forth the new. We have successively developed a series of products such as super compressive honeycomb panel, waterproof and wear-resistant paper shoe material, waterproof and wear-resistant protection paper and super hard color card.Having gone through many major scientific and technological reforms, he has repeatedly pioneered the industry.

"Staff are first, customers are highest "is the basic philosophy that we'v been insisting since BTO founded. Our company aim to build a team like wolfs with ability of learning-oriented, high execution, cohesion.We also set up volunteer team to reveal enterprise positive energy.