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Offset Printing Temporary Floor Protection Paper Roll Decoration Construction Project

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Guangdong China
Brand Name: BTO Brand
Certification: FSC, SGS, EU
Model Number: CBL-05538100
Minimum Order Quantity: 500rolls (A4 size free sample)
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: Item Quantity 1pc with Streching film package
Delivery Time: 4-6weeks
Payment Terms: 30% Deposit in Advance
Supply Ability: 10000 rolls per day
Product Name: Construction Floor Protection Paper, Purpose: Prevent Damage To The Construction Floor
Advantage: Wear Resistant, Waterproof, Anti Slip, And Scratch Resistant Printing: Offset Printing
Material: Recycled Pulp And Wood Pulp Use: Construction Project Floor Protection
Single Gross Weight: 17kg Single Package Size: 23*23*97cm
High Light:

Offset printing Temporary Floor Protection Paper


23*23*97 cm Floor Protection Paper Roll


Heavy-Duty Floor Protection Paper Roll

Decoration Construction Project Floor Protection Paper, Temporary Floor Protection Paper

Temporary floor protection cardboard is a green, environmentally friendly, heavy-duty temporary floor protection paper used to protect any type of surface. Referred to as BTO board, covered board, fiberboard, building board, protective board, etc



This type of floor protection paper is large enough for several projects, flexible and easy to use. He is an excellent helper for floor protection, as it helps to protect the floor and surface from small paint spills and splashes. It is also a major product in the paint and construction industries, providing temporary floor protection.



Floor protection cardboard

With a thickness of 0.5mm and 1mm, is the preferred temporary floor protection solution for construction professionals. Many construction work requires in-depth supplementation from past work, such as expensive floors in homes or businesses. The impact plate floor protection committee can set up these obstacles and eliminate damage in the event that the work is being completed. This means that there is no longer a risk of damaging the floor by scratching existing surfaces through the use of heavy equipment, storage, or accidental dropping of tools or materials.


It is waterproof, breathable and 100% recyclable. Cardboard provides wear-resistant, heavy-duty and cost-effective surface protection during construction and construction works. Can be cut, bent or creased to fit doors, windows, floors, walls, stairs, etc! They are very lightweight and still have tear resistance, puncture resistance and impact resistance. The frosted texture of the surface increases resistance, thereby reducing the risk of slippery top surfaces.


  • Made from 100% recycled materials
  • Fully recyclable
  • Made in China
  • Impact resistance, slip resistance, and waterproofing
  • Ideal choice for wood, stone, and mortar floor protection
  • Quick Layout
  • Supplied in rolls for easy handling and storage
  • Provide economical floor protection for cost conscious locations
  • Perfect for protecting long-term projects and preventing general on-site activities
  • It can be easily cut with a knife
  • Breathable - allows the surface below to solidify

Perfect protection solution for newly installed floors that need protection while continuing to cure and release moisture.

• breathable materials

• low slip risk

• unique high strength performance

• protect most floor types

• protect high gloss floors such as ceramic, marble or polished wood

• protect the floor during the curing and drying phases



One of the most important preventive measures in any construction project is to ensure that the finished product area remains in optimal condition. Between the equipment, materials, and pedestrian traffic involved in the building, the floor of the building faces a significant risk of damage. From large-scale commercial projects to medium-sized reconstruction, almost all Almost all construction projects need temporary floor protection to avoid scratches and stains.



Material Science Paper Product type Building paperboard
Total length 100 inches Recommended environment Indoor
Overall width 38 feet Special functions Waterproof and breathable
Weight 17kg Thickness 1mm



Save time, trouble and floor space with this versatile protection solution



If you do not use temporary floor protection materials, you may face the risk of additional costs of replacement or cleaning, which are caused by damage caused in the construction process, let alone damage to your reputation. However, using one of our many products to protect the floor can avoid all this.





Fast and simple application

Just roll it out, cut it into a certain length, and connect it with tape when necessary.


Once in place, it will provide excellent protection.

Non abrasive surface treatment

It can be safely used on the surface of finished products.

Recyclable and biodegradable

This product is completely recyclable when scrapped and will be naturally biodegradable



Through our protection products, we can help you deliver the project on time and on budget to make your customers very satisfied. Many of our materials are usually reusable, so you can get the most value from them in your work. We can even help you redouble your efforts to prevent dust and dirt from spreading unnecessarily to other parts of your customer's house or business.



With this sustainable floor protection material, we can meet the needs of any commercial building project and help your company:


Avoid interrupting build plans

Maximize your profitability

Prevent damage to furniture, surfaces, and ultimately damage your reputation.


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Offset Printing Temporary Floor Protection Paper Roll Decoration Construction Project 1

Offset Printing Temporary Floor Protection Paper Roll Decoration Construction Project 2


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