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Antiskid Gypsum Prevention Particleboard Floor Covering Paper

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Guangdong China
Brand Name: BTO Brand
Certification: FSC, SGS
Model Number: CBL-05532120
Minimum Order Quantity: 25 rolls (A4 size free sample)
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: Streching film package
Delivery Time: 4weeks
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 10000rolls per day
Application: Floor Protection Of Building, Decoration And Family DIY Container Type: Roll
Performance: Waterproof, Antiskid And Breathable Material Science: 90% Raw Material And 20% Recycled Material
Option: Provide 30.48m, 36m And 50m Rolls UOM: Temporary Hardwood Floor Protection
High Light:

Antiskid Floor Covering Paper


Gypsum Prevention Particleboard Floor Covering Paper


Antiskid Temporary Floor Protection Paper

Professional Floor Protectors To Protect Particleboard Floors From Gypsum Or Paint Stains

Features and benefits

Protection against abuse: protection from impact, rubbing, dogs, children and contractors

Anti overflow: prevent water, mud, paint and stains

Reusable: it can be used for dozens of different types of projects and will last for many years

Recycled / recyclable: made of 100% FSC certified recycled materials: recyclable at the end of useful life

Air permeability: newly created flexible fibers allow new concrete or wood surfaces to heal properly

Waterproof: made of 100% recycled pulp, with fiber, water and ink waterproof surface.

Safety: non toxic, zero volatile organic compounds, no odor

Convenience: roll in 38 "wide x 100" long x 1 mm thick, easy to cut with box knife and tape with RAM tape.

Parapet: allows you to easily crease BTO board to protect wall and base molding

Save your investment: protect your beautiful floor, save your money and worry.



Protect the new existing floor while allowing moisture and steam to escape and dissipate from the floor. Protect carpets, wood, tiles, concrete (dyed or stamped), marble, stone, linoleum, vinyl or any type of surface. This product can prevent damage to pedestrian traffic, hand trucks and heavy equipment during construction, transformation or special activities. 100% recyclable after use.

Protect the new existing floor while allowing moisture and steam to escape and dissipate from the floor. Protect carpets, wood, tiles, concrete (dyed or stamped), marble, stone, linoleum, vinyl or any type of surface. This product can prevent damage to pedestrian traffic, hand trucks and heavy equipment during construction, transformation or special activities. 100% recyclable after use.

Protect hard surfaces with Multi Surface Paper. It protects tile, granite, factory finished hardwood, tubs, and more!
Antiskid Gypsum Prevention Particleboard Floor Covering Paper 0
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Material Science paper Product type Building paperboard
total lenght  100 feet Recommended environment indoor
Overall width 32 inches Special functions Waterproof and breathable
weight 15kg Thickness 1mm

Roll of 32 "x 100 'floor protector covering 269 square feet.


Provide cushioning floor protection for wood, ceramic and vinyl flooring during construction


Protect the floor from dirt, scratches, spills and stains


Protect the floor from damage caused by the use of heavy tools, benches and ladders


The floor protector will not leave stains on the floor if it becomes wet or damp


Floor protectors can be modified to suit any area using utility knives and tape


Eliminate expensive repairs and replacements


Floor protector is also a good product to protect doors and concrete during construction.

Antiskid Gypsum Prevention Particleboard Floor Covering Paper 1



Wood flooring is an expensive device. They are expensive to install and vulnerable to accidental damage during renovation and construction projects. If you don't want to pay a lot for repair or replacement, make sure to use wood floor protectors.



This product is supplied as 1.m thickness so you can quickly and cost effectively apply it to large surfaces, as and when needed.

It is made from coated paper and approved to the Certifire Standard which means that it meets the Protection Board Practice. If you do not require a surface protector, Stock is also available


Antiskid Gypsum Prevention Particleboard Floor Covering Paper 2

Antiskid Gypsum Prevention Particleboard Floor Covering Paper 3




Antiskid Gypsum Prevention Particleboard Floor Covering Paper 4


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