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BTO Flooring Protection Paper in Construction Jobsite

August 30, 2020

Latest company case about BTO Flooring Protection Paper in Construction Jobsite

PROJECT NAME: Evergrande Real Estate Group


1) BTO Flooring Protection Paper 26''×100' & BTO Flooring Protection Paper 32''×66'

2) BTO Breath Tape 3''×164'






CHALLENGE: 1500 Rolls of BTO Flooring Protection Paper 26''×100'

                          1200 Rolls of BTO Flooring Protection Paper 32''×66'

                          1000 Rolls of Breath Tape



When MINDIAO Decoration landed the 2013 renovation project of the Evergrande Building, they choose BTO Flooring Protection Paper to help protect their jobsite. They needed to cover over 40000 ㎡ of freshly renovated concrete floors on over 25 stories. MINDIAO was working with a deadline and could not afford to allow the floors to fully breathe and cure before beginning rencvation on other parts of the building. They had to ensure the floors cured evenly while remaining adequately protected during months of cuntinued construction.



MINDIAO construction installed BTO flooring protection paper on the floors of the entire building. Every room, every story, every floor was coated with BTO flooring protection paper which protected the floors but also allowed them to breathe and cure. This enabled MINDIAO and other contractors to continue working on top of the BTO flooring protection paper on the remainder of the building instead of sitting and waiting for the concrete to fully cure. BTO flooring protection paper was down for months standing up to foot traffic, forklifts, wheel barrels and more. MINDIAO also used the BTO breath tape to ensure the concrete cured evenly throughout, eliminating any curing or "ghosting" lines.


BTO flooring protection paper in Construction Jobsite to protect surface for more than 60,000,000㎡ in Dongguan together with decoration company.We're here to help make your tough jobs easy, submit an online enquiry and our team will be in contct with you.

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