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Construction Project Temporary Floor Surface Protection Recycled Hard Cardboard

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Guangdong China
Brand Name: BTO
Certification: FSC, SGS, EU
Model Number: CBL-05038100
Minimum Order Quantity: MOQ: 500roll
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: by roll
Delivery Time: 4-6weeks
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 10000 rolls per day
Product Name: Temporary Floor Surface Protection Paper Function: Wear Resistant, Scratch Resistant, And Waterproof
Application: Construction, Decoration, Painting, And Renovation Projects Advantage: Waterproof And Breathable Material, Recyclable And Biodegradable
Purpose: Prevent Damage To The Construction Floor Size: 965mm*30.48m,Thickness 0.85mm
Material: Recycled Pulp And Wood Pulp Paper Type: Recycled Paper
High Light:

Thickness 0.85mm Floor Surface Protection


Biodegradable Floor Surface Protection


Fully Recyclable Construction Floor Covering Paper

Construction Project Temporary Floor Surface Protection Recycled Hard Cardboard


This ultimate waterproof floor protection is breathable, waterproof, durable, and has a residue free anti slip backing. This thick and lightweight hardwood floor protector has an ultra light, slippery, and non slip adhesive base, leaving no residue on the floor. Use this protective floor covering product to protect your work area from dirt, moisture, and liquids. This waterproof floor cover is reusable, just roll it up and store it until you need it again. Durable building floor protection is also compressive and scratch resistant, and almost tear resistant.


This floor protection paper is very suitable for use on construction sites or during house renovations. The builder's board will save you money because this floor protection board can be used over and over again, minimizing waste and maximizing savings. Building boards are tough and protect the floor from dirt, falling tools, and traffic congestion. Floor protection panels now have new liquid shield technology that will protect the floor from water, paint, and other liquids.


Made of 100% recycled materials, fully recyclable. This tough protective board provides high impact protection and is very suitable for protecting newly laid leveling floors, as it allows the floor to breathe during the curing process. It also provides heavy-duty floor protection for new and existing concrete, wood, ceramic tiles, stone, linoleum, and most other floor types. Very suitable for areas with heavy traffic and long-term projects, simply spread out, trim where necessary, and tape all joints.


Durable floor protection paper used to prevent damage to the floor and surface during painting


BTO board can be reused and has a longer durability compared to ordinary kraft paper and rosin paper, with higher economic benefits. More importantly, it is breathable to provide the appropriate environment required for new flooring construction projects. The development of a construction project from one stage to another takes a long time, and after long-term use, there will be no steam lines.



Considering the cost and protection during the engineering process, the BTO board paper roll is easy to push open, can be arranged in just a few minutes, and can maintain its ability to avoid contamination and be unaffected by materials encountered during the work process.


Material Science paper product type Building paperboard
Total length 100feet Recommended environment indoor
Overall width 38inches Special functions Waterproof and breathable
weight 15kg thickness 0.85mm


Whether you are the contractor or the owner, you do not want the floor to be damaged during construction or renovation. Floor replacement is expensive in material and time. Proper maintenance can save time and money and protect the floor during any construction and renovation. It's best to be proactive and protect the floor, not risk damage and spend your time and money




Main features

• effective barriers to prevent damage caused by pedestrian traffic.

• easy to install.

• rugged, durable and cost effective.

• biodegradable.

• renewable and recyclable.

• heavy duty, providing additional protection.

• waterproof, moisture-proof and non staining

• FSC certification



If you want to use it, first determine how much paper you need to cover your surface. Unfold the waterproof floor protective paper to cover the edge. Next, stick the seam with breathable tape or seam tape. Finally, fix the floor protection paper in place with adhesive tape. If larger protective paper is required, it can also be provided for customization.



Of course, its role is not single. Floor paper can also be used to protect cabinets, countertops and other surfaces. It is also a very popular product in logistics and transportation, as an anti-skid spacer for goods. Proudly made in China. Explore higher quality floor paper, various carpet protective films and heavy surface protectors





Protect your finished floor, even the heaviest foot traffic with this heavy, 100% recycled paper. Floor protection paper prevents dirt, spills, scratches and foot traffic on your newly installed floor to ensure cleanliness and completion. This sustainable product, made of 100% recycled paper, provides continuous protection and is not dyed, even wet.

Construction Project Temporary Floor Surface Protection Recycled Hard Cardboard 0

Construction Project Temporary Floor Surface Protection Recycled Hard Cardboard 1

Construction Project Temporary Floor Surface Protection Recycled Hard Cardboard 2


The perfect protection solution is suitable for newly installed flooring that requires protection, while continuing to solidify and release moisture.


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